About Us

Firstly why the name Fletcher & Foley? Well, we were founded by Joanne Fletcher, a disillusioned ex-PR, who had harboured a great desire to work with flowers for many years. She took the leap and trained for two years at Myerscough College before setting up, and struggling for inspiration on what to call the business, struck upon the two things that were inspirational to her – her mum and dad – Beryl & Bob – Fletcher and Foley. Simple.

Join us

We were wondering if you’d like to join team fletch? Don’t worry – it’s not some weird cult. It’s just our way of staying in touch with the people who like what we’re doing. We’ll let you know what’s in season, like the arrival of the first of the Peonies, and invite you to any nice events we’re holding. Send us your email address and we’ll add you to our list. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Team

Left to right:  Jane, Francesca and Joanne

Contact Us

For more infomation about our floral design please contact us to discuss your requirements.
T: 0161 962 7341
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49 Old Hall Road,
Sale Moor,
M33 2HT